Roles and Responsibilities 

Your CV must be tailor-made, fitting the job or role that is being applied for. It is very important then that the job titles and responsibilities included in your CV align with the job that is being offered. You must know your CV should consist of more than just a list of responsibilities.

Your Skills

You must include all the relevant skills you’ve gained over time. Your Skills should complement your experience and should speak volumes concerning the job you are applying for. 

Your Educational Background

I can’t stress this enough, you must include your certifications especially when they’ve been listed as criteria for the job/role you are applying for. This will convince your employer that you are suitable for the role.

What you achieved and Results 

HR’s love to see achievements and results so if you are a digital marketer for instance and you’ve done exceptionally well in running successful campaigns in the past you must note all this so your potential employer will know that you have overachieved.

Easy to Read

The layer of your CV must be clear and consistent and shouldn’t contain different types of font. It should be properly written and bullet points should be used to outline your achievements, responsibilities, and skills instead of mumbling and fumbling words together.