• Use Job Sites 

What you should aim to do is to create a “Five Star” status profile that will shine forth your major skills and accomplishments. If you are applying for jobs on sites like Trainlance for instance, your best bet will be to have a full profile, a well-crafted CV, and an invigorating cover letter to catch the attention of your potential employer. Being confident is not an option here, you just have to be so you’ll look presentable and attractive to your potential employer. Presenting yourself well online, connecting, and engaging with your network will most definitely help you get your feet at the door of most companies you prefer to work with. 

  • Be Confident 

Now I’ll talk a bit more about confidence here so you can get a knack of what I am trying to tell you.

As a job seeker, you need to be aware that you possess the desired and required skill an employer is looking for out there. Don’t worry if your CV is not perfectly written what is most important is that your hiring manager sees it. Now that video interview has become a trend, you’ll need to be extra prepared. When you are well prepared and you’re not trying to fake it, your confidence will naturally shine forth in the way you speak. 

  • Let your CV shine forth your accomplishments

The way CV is being written 10-20 years ago is different now, objective statements have been replaced by summary statements that are centered on one’s experience. Your CV only needs to culminate the last 2-20 years of your job history, which should be focused on both quantitative and qualitative results you have attained in your career in those previous years. It is also important you include your major area of expertise (e.g. Graphic design, content writing, Facebook ads buying, SaaS) as well as any other tech skills like (JAVA, Python, MSQL) that you might possess.

  • Use your Network

When connecting with your network at first, you mustn’t go about asking for a job right away. You should schedule an information meeting, whether one on one, via call, or video conference to ask for advice on targeted companies and roles. After speaking with the said individual, you can now decide whether you need to reskill with a certification or maybe ask to be referred for a position opened at their company.

  • Customize your application

This is very important because most job applications are always customized to the job advertised. Failure to understand the skills you need for the job might land your CV in their trash. To avoid something like this, a good tool to use is Jobscan which helps optimize your CV. Jobscan is a service that helps job seekers get more interviews by using Artificial intelligence to analyze one’s CV or profile on LinkedIn against any job description.

To stay ahead, in a search for a job in this digital era, tenacity is needed to find inlets to targeted companies by using all tools at your disposal, so make sure you are intentional about using everything to get that job.