4 ways to keep top talents staying longer

4 Ways To Keep Top Talents Staying Longer

We are now living in an era where employees don’t regard loyalty anymore with organizations, especially millennial workers who prefer moving from one job to another and always looking for something better.

Most businesses are now getting used to the reality that they have to promote their workspace as an ideal place for top talents to thrive and do great work. So when some employees transition from working full time, they can still be strong supporters of the organization. So in all truth, planning for shorter-term employee tenure is the best.

So here are four tips to keep Top Talents staying longer.
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Tips on getting dream job in 2021

5 Tips on Getting Your Dream Job in 2021

Landing your best job ever yet in 2021 despite the current pandemic and economic downturn in the country is still very much possible.

For some job seekers, the process of job hunting can be tedious and time-consuming and can make them harbor fear and insecurity which is a normal way anyone looking for a job would feel. 

We are glad technology has bridged the gap today as these job seekers wouldn’t need to stress too much. Below are five tips on getting your dream job digitally amidst seas of rough waters.

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Things Recruiters look for in CVs

5 Things Recruiters are looking for in your CV

Some things seem to matter a lot to recruiters when it comes to CVs. 

There are valid things they look out for which should attract them within seconds when they pick it up to read. 

If the applicant’s CV can pick their interest within seconds they pick it up, then the applicants stand a chance of progressing to the job interview.

So what are these things recruiters do look at in the CV of a potential candidate?

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Lucrative Remote Job Opportunities

How to Land Lucrative Remote Job Opportunities

Landing a profitable remote job for most people is a dream come true as it’s a pretty desirable thing right now. It gives you more flexibility to your schedule, no more traffic constraints when heading to work, and you even have more time to allocate to personal projects.

There are lots of other benefits of working remotely and figuring out how to get one can be very exciting and in today’s post, we are strictly going to be talking about right about now.

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