We are now living in an era where employees don’t regard loyalty anymore with organizations, especially millennial workers who prefer moving from one job to another and always looking for something better.

Most businesses are now getting used to the reality that they have to promote their workspace as an ideal place for top talents to thrive and do great work. So when some employees transition from working full time, they can still be strong supporters of the organization. So in all truth, planning for shorter-term employee tenure is the best.

So here are four tips to keep Top Talents staying longer.

  • Embrace Flexibility

Most employees today want mobility and flexibility in their place of work. The days of strict 9 to 5 jobs are fast declining as they prefer to work at their own pace and conditions which allows them to be productive. Allow your workers the flexibility and mobility they desire and they might want to stick around for a long while.

  • Provide Positive Constructive Criticism and Praise

Bad criticism can distort motivation even in the most productive of workers. There are good times to criticize them negatively but it’s important when to do so. Most reviews some organizations carry out with their employees at the end of the year are not genuine. It should be replaced with a more genuine way of communicating like one on one meetings which is a great way to provide your employees with constructive criticism, advice, and praise.

  • Invest in high-end tech and consumer-grade tool for your employees

One of the major things employees complain about today is outdated tech and hardware provided by their employers which causes redundancies, and ineffectiveness at work. This does not only affect your employee’s productivity but also sends the wrong signal about your organization that it’s not interested in staying updated with the latest in technology, gadgets, and automated tools. Show your employees you care by providing all tools and tech for them to work with.

  • Offer opportunities for continuous growth

Keep the window of opportunities open for them to grow by enrolling them in different courses, certifications, and education available to them. This will encourage your employees to take advantage of additional educational programs to get better in their job roles.